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You can use this pregnancy conception calculator for finding out your pregnancy conception date depending on pregnancy due date. Day of pregnancy conception is when you conceive the baby. Corresponding to that, this pregnancy conception calculator gives you a range containing the days on which you might have had sexual intercourse which resulted in conception. The results are based around the fact that sperms can have a 3-5 days life once they go inside woman's vagina.

This calculator is basically the reverse of conception calculator that tells you your possible date of conception and the due date.

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Pregnancy Conception calculator

The Factors Involved In Conception

There are quite a few factors that are involved in conception. Let's take a look at few of them. The first important factor that can have its impact on conception is age. Fertility in men usually remains quite stable from their puberty till death. However, women tend to have a certain fertile window during their lives. It's their late teens as well as the twenties when they are most fertile. The fertility starts declining as soon as they hit the age of 30. And it declines greatly after 35 years of age. As soon as a woman hits 40, there are very less chances of being able to conceive and by 45 it almost becomes impossible. In general, 25 to 35 years of age can be considered the best possible window for women to conceive. Outside this window, conception might still be possible but it is very less likely.

Another important factor is weight. If any of the two partners is overweight or underweight, the fertility of the couple is reduced. It's important for the two to make sure that they maintain healthy weight to be able to produce the healthy sperm and egg as well as maintain a healthy hormonal balance.

Diet is another important factor. It is important that both the partners consume foods that have high protein and quality fat content. Try to keep your focus on unprocessed foods. It would be great to find flash-frozen or local foods as they tend to have highest amounts of the quality nutrients.

Finally, health of both the partners is important. Overall healthy individuals tend to have better fertility levels. Diet, exercise, emotional and mental well-being can all help in creating ideal opportunities for procreation. So, ensure that you develop a good exercise routine; even taking a stroll down the block will be immensely helpful in your well-being. Maintaining healthy body is your route to fertility. If you have poor health or your body is feeling the stress, it will impact your fertility.

How The Pregnancy Conception Calculator Works?

The working of this pregnancy conception calculator is pretty simple. As mentioned earlier, it works opposite to the conception calculator. All you have to provide this calculator is the date on which you are due. Probably, your doctor will tell you that. So, just select the date and hit the calculate button. The calculator will show you some good bits of information. It tells you when you most probably had conceived and when you had sexual intercourse that probably led to your pregnancy. Besides, it also gives you date ranges for when you possibly had conception and sexual intercourse leading to pregnancy.

So, if you are interested in knowing any of this information, you can use this pregnancy conception calculator to good effect.

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