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Mean, median, mode and range are considered among very important applications of mathematical concepts. They have many applications in different fields and can prove to be quite helpful as well. You can use our mean, median, mode, range calculator for accurately calculating all these. Median not calculated accurately if even number of values are used as data sample. Range is not calculated accurately.

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Mean is a word that is considered a homonym of different other words and that also applies in mathematics as well. The meaning of "Mean" changes according to its context i.e. whether you're using it in statistical or mathematical context. Talking about the mathematical definition of mean, it refers to arithmetic mean which is exactly the same as average. When you have a list of numbers, the mean is actually the sum of all numbers divided by total of numbers in the list.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Calculator -

As far as mode is concerned, it's the value from a given set of sample data with maximum recurrences. There can be more than one modal values in any given set of data. Just like mean and media, mode is a way of representing information related to populations and random variables. You can use our mean, median, mode, range calculator to good effect for finding out mode of a given set of data.


Range refers to the difference of smallest and largest values in a given data set. However, range can still have its different meanings in mathematical and statistical terms. But what we've mentioned here is its simplest of definitions and exactly what our mean, median, mode, range calculator uses.

How To Use The Calculator

In order to use this calculator of ours, all you have to do is to arrange your data set into ascending order and then put it in the field given on this page. That's all, just hit the calculate button and the calculator will show you everything about the data set under consideration including its mean, median, mode, range, largest number in the data, smallest number in the data, the total count of numbers in the given data set and also the sum of all the numbers that you have entered. In fact, that's quite a lot of information it can be extracted from a given data set with a single click. Just use our calculator and get accurate results about your data.

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