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Just like binary and decimal number systems, there is another commonly used number system that is referred to as hexadecimal number system. It works in almost the same way as the other two number systems. However, it doesn't use the bases 2 or 10 and has its own base 16. This number system uses 16 digits that include 0-9 from decimal number system and after that there are A, B, C, D, E and F for the representation of numbers 10 to 15. All the digits in this number system represent 4 digits or bits in the binary number system. This allows for easy representation of binary numbers. For instance, 1010101010 will be represented in hexadecimal as 2AA. It lets computer systems to be able to compress those big binary values and represent them in an easily convertible form so that the two values can be inter-converted whenever the need be. A hex calculator will help you to convert these numbers between the two number systems.
Let's take a look at some conversions that typically take place between binary, decimal and hex values.

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The conversion of decimal and hexadecimal values requires you to understand place values for the two number systems. The conversion of these two number systems is pretty much the same as converting decimal and binary numbers. If you know how to perform one conversion, you'll easily be able to perform the other as well. Just as mentioned earlier, hexadecimal number system uses 16 as its base. It means that in case of 2AA, every place value actually represents some power of the number 16 i.e. the base. Start from right and first "A" is at "one's place" and can be represented as A*160. The next A represents 161 whereas 2 is at 162. Also "A" from hexadecimal number system is the equivalent of 10 in the decimal system. Now that you have all this information, you can convert the hexadecimal numbers to decimal numbers easily.

Conversions from decimal system to hexadecimal system also use same concepts but needs more involvement on your part.
Conversions from hexadecimal to decimal system use same principles as well but it's quite simpler. Multiply the digits by their respective place values and then find sum of every result. Same process applies no matter if the hexadecimal numbers have letters or not.

Hex Calculator - Calculatorall.com

How This Hex Calculator Works?

Using this hex calculator will, however, take the hassle out of the process. You just have to enter the numbers and hit the calculate button to get the result right in front of you. There are, basically, three different calculators on this hex calculator page and each of them serves a different purpose. You can enter decimal number in one of them to convert it into hexadecimal. In the second calculator you can enter a hexadecimal number and the calculator will convert it to a corresponding decimal number. The last calculator will require you to enter two hexadecimal numbers, select an operation you want to perform from the given list and hit the calculate button. You can use it for hexadecimal addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

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