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This height calculator tallows you to predict the adult height for children depending on linear regression analysis. Other than using this calculator, it is also possible to predict adult height for children by doubling up the height they achieve by their second birthday. Also, if you are looking for a way that you can use for converting height in one unit to another, you can use height converter on this page as well.

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It is important to mention here that the height calculator only gives you predictions on height of the children and these predictions can or can't be true. Actual height is dependent on many variable factors so the predictions given here can't be the final word.

Height Calculator - Calculatorall.com

How Is Height Of A Person Determined?

There are several environmental and genetics factors that play their part in determining someone's height. How precisely these two factors contribute is somewhat complex, however. According to some studies, genetics contribute anywhere between 60 to 80 percent in the determination of a person’s height as they grow up. The height of a child depending on the heights of the parents is subjected to regression towards their mean. What this means is that too much taller or shorter parents are likely going to have tall or short children respectively.

However, the height of the child will likely be somewhere close to average height of the parents. Even this height calculator works on this principle.

Some other significant factors that have their contribution in the grownup height of a child include health condition, nutrition, sports activities, age and health of mother at the time of pregnancy, etc.

Toddlers and infants grow at the fastest rate. There is a rapid decrease in growth rate from birth to somewhere around 2 years of age and then this declining pace gets slower afterwards.

Growth rate of the individuals then increases to its second height in growth spurt at the puberty. Usually, the growth is women declines to almost zero when they get 16 years of age while the same happens to men when they reach 18 years of age.

The average height for men at 20 years of age or older is 1.763 m in the US. This equals 5 ft and 9 ½ in. When it comes to females the height at this age remains at 1.622 m which equals 5 ft and 4 in.

How This Height Calculator Works?

You have to enter quite a few variables in this height calculator for it to work. First, you have to select the sex of the child and then enter his/her age, height, and weight. Finally, enter the height of the parents in feet and inches. Just hit the calculate button and the calculator will give you the expected adult height of the child.

Now, if you want to convert this height in the US unit to metric unit, you can use the height converter on this page. In fact, the height converter can also be used for converting height in metric unit to the US unit as well. All you need to do is to use the appropriate spaces given for each of the two converters.

So, use this height calculator for measuring expected height of a child at an adult age. You will get the predictions depending on the criteria discussed above. Again, remember, these are just predictions and should be taken that way only.

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