Concrete Calculator -

This concrete calculator helps in estimating volume as well as weight of concrete that you'll need for covering any given area or size of land. It is recommended that you buy a bit more than what you get as a result of the calculation performed by the calculator.

Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

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Hole, Column, or Round Footings

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Circular Slab or Tube

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Concrete Calculator -

Though you can find several varieties of concrete in the market, Portland cement is what comes to mind when one says "concrete". It is the construction material that used all over the world on large scale. It is used by mixing it with different reinforcing materials like fibers, sand, etc. Pre-mixed concrete is also available in the market in 60 pound and 80 pound bags. However, if this amount doesn't suffice your need, you can order concrete mixer truck for getting as much of it as you need.

Concrete mixing is quite important. Thoroughly mixing concrete is important for making it uniform and strong. After proper mixing, it turns into sort of a paste which can then be poured wherever it is needed. Once poured, it starts getting hard gradually. The process is referred to as "curing". In order to make sure that you get hardest and strongest concrete possible, go for one that is cured in humid environment and at proper temperature. That's really important, particularly, in initial three days. Such concrete is obtained by placing a few plastic covers on it or spraying it with water. Within few weeks, concrete will reach above 90 percent of final strength that it can have.

Concrete Calculator

This concrete calculator makes use of premixed cement density i.e. 133 pounds/cubic foot or 2130kg/cubic meters for getting the required weight. There are different concrete types and each of them can have different density levels as well.

How It Works?

There are basically three different calculators that you can find here. The first concrete calculator is for slabs, walls or square footings. It requires you to provide length, width, thickness/height and quantity measures to calculate the results for you. You can choose different possible units for each as well. Hit the calculate button and the calculator will tell you how much cubic feet of concrete you'll need. Besides, it tells you how much of pre-mixed concrete, 60 lbs bags or 80 lbs bags will be needed for the measurements you have provided.

The second concrete calculator here works for column, hole or round footings. You have to provide details for diameter, height/depth, and quantity with appropriate units. You get the values for all the denominations mentioned above with the first calculator.

The third one here works for circular slab or tube. It requires you to enter outer diameter, inner diameter, length/height, and quantity. Don't forget to select proper units to get the most accurate results. The results here also give you the same measurements as discussed above.

So, use this concrete calculator and find out how much concrete you will need and with what density for your project. Use the appropriate calculator from the three options given here according to your specific need.

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