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This age calculator can be considered as simple date interval calculator. However, it calculates your exact date to the current day quite effectively.

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Age Calculator -

Age calculations are performed different in various cultures around the world. This calculator, however, is based around most common of all age systems in practice. According to the system, age grows on every birthday of the person in question. For instance, a person who has spend three years and eleven months of his life is considered years of age and will only turn 4 years old on his/her next birth date. This system of age is used by most of the western countries.

Some cultures express age by counting the number of years including current year while others express it without the year currently going on. In such a system, anyone who is 20 years of age is same as the other who is currently in 21st year. According to a traditional system of age in China, anyone who is newly born is 1 year of age and his/her age will grow at Chinese New Year rather than his/her birthday. For instance, if you were born just a day prior to Chinese New Year, you'll be aged 2 just a couple of days later.

Sometimes, the days and months result of the age calculator can confuse you. It's particularly so when your entered birth date is end of the month. All of us count February 20 to March 20 as a complete month. But age from 28th February 2016 to 31st March 2016 can be calculated in a couple of ways. If you consider 28th Feb. to 28th Mar. as a complete month and calculator result will be 1 month 3 days. But if you consider 28th Feb. and 31st Mar. as month end dates, the result will be 1 month. Both these calculations are justifiable. Similar situations also exist for other dates as well. The confusion actually happens from uneven days in various months.

How It Works?

If you want to use this age calculator for calculating your age, you will have to provide two date values. First is your birth date and the other is the current date to which you have to calculate the age. You can also enter some previous date in the second field in order to calculate how old you were by then. Hit the calculate button and the calculator will tell you the age precisely with number of years, months and days. There are some alternative answers shown as well and you can use them if you are interested. These include age in months and days, weeks and days, only days, only hours, only minutes and only seconds.

The age calculator can also be used for finding out the difference of two dates if you want to as well. So, it’s quite a handy calculator and gives you quite a lot of useful information that you can utilize for different purposes as you may need.

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